Celebrating Adora » China Club Wedding

Lovely Bride, Lovely Venue, Lovely Maria.

Maria is the wedding planner for this couple and once again we are working with 36frames, Ruey Loon for this wedding.

Anyway, the couple planned to have a small solemnization reception in Singapore and to have their banquet wedding in UK next year. The bride is a Chinese while the groom is Eurasian. Hence, Oriental theme for their Singapore reception and a more Modern look for their UK wedding. So begins the search for a suitable venue for her 50+ guests.

For brides who are looking at a real oriental venue, a suitable place which you may like to look at is China Club located at Capital Tower. It is a members’ only club which has started opening up their venues to accommodate for Wedding Couple. In the next few pictures, you can have a rough gauge of how Oriental the venue exudes.

Cut the long story short, after a few months of planning, below is how the final day looks like.

Our blessings to the both of you! Stay happy always 🙂

PG/VG – 36frames
Gown – Amanda Lee
Florist – Redbox Florist


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