Celebrating Adora » China Club Wedding

Lovely Bride, Lovely Venue, Lovely Maria.

Maria is the wedding planner for this couple and once again we are working with 36frames, Ruey Loon for this wedding.

Anyway, the couple planned to have a small solemnization reception in Singapore and to have their banquet wedding in UK next year. The bride is a Chinese while the groom is Eurasian. Hence, Oriental theme for their Singapore reception and a more Modern look for their UK wedding. So begins the search for a suitable venue for her 50+ guests.

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Celebrating Adora » Ken & Eve Lushcious Blue Wedding

Here’s another wedding lunch that we recently did at Four Season’s Hotel. We had to do an all-nighter as the drapings and lights had to be brought in the night before and set-up properly before the day starts. So the day starts off with the decoration of the stage and tables.

Look what lighting can do to the ballroom! The couple wanted a clean yet unconventional look so Jonathan flooded the entire stage with blue lights so that the front of the ballroom glow! The blue lights are also to match the Tiffany blue colour theme.

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Celebrating Adora » Lighthouse at Fullerton hotel

Christian and Thao is one of the sweetest and funniest couple that I have met. The dynamics of the couple and us came into play during the planning process and its always satisfying to learn more about other nations culture. Do you know that Vietnamese like to drink diluted Beer?

So this couple actually had their legal Vietnamese customary over in Vietnam and feels that Singapore is a neutral ground for their Western Thank you dinner. The Lighthouse was chosen by the couple and the menu was specially prepared by Chef Diego. Yums!

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Wedding Acts » NiKoi Island

Wedding Acts is proud to have done a wedding at Nikoi Island beginning of this year.

We teamed up with local florist, Red Petals to transform the rustic island into a wedding sanctuary. The island is situated off Bintan a total of 3 hours to get from Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The main difference between this resort and others is that it is eco friendly, so instead of brick houses, you’ll be met with “straw” roof.

The couple has decided to use shocking pink as their uniforming accent in the resort. We weaved in ribbons (which works well for outdoor wedding due to them fluttering about in the wind), lanterns and even bamboo leaves to bring out the pink and still having a touch of Balinese flavour.

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