Ideas » Bridal / Bridesmaid Bouquet

This week we are featuring different types of bouquet for the brides and bridesmaids. To start off there are various types of bouquets you should know about. As illustrated by the diagram below.


Now that you have gotten to know the different shapes of a bouquet, we are going to show you different styles that can be put together using different flowers (and perhaps some non-flowers).


Bouquet suitable for the Garden WeddingFotor_Collage3

Flowers that are bold in colorFotor_Collage4

Fresh Spring Flowers  Fotor_Collage6

Sweet Bouquet and Pomander


Different variety combination of non-flowers and some flowers.

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Ideas » Wedding Shoes


credit hdwallpapersimages

Hooray!! It is 2015!

For the next 3 weeks, we will be featuring some wedding ideas that might interest you as you continue to plan for your wedding! This week, we will be posting our first collection of shoes!

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Ideas » A song for you

Wedding Acts is constantly on the look out for new and exciting stuffs that has anything and everything to do with making a wedding truly yours.  Cinematic wedding videos are getting better in quality, but what came to our attention was how the team at Blue Kite Cinema was able to produce an original musical that dedicates his heartfelt thoughts to her.

credit Blue Kite Cinema

p/s: you got to be able to sing. vocal lessons won’t hurt 😉