Wedding Planning Tip #69 » Planning A Wedding Theme

It is always a good idea to decide on a theme for your wedding before you start planning your wedding. It just makes everything much easier avoiding you being indecisive the whole time.

With a wedding theme in mind, shopping for wedding gowns, wedding favors to wedding venues are second nature.

A good wedding theme will also allow your wedding guests to have a memorable time together. A theme wedding also speaks of your interests and personalities and your guests will know both of you much better.

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Wedding Planning Tip #68 » Planning Your Wedding Speech

Generally, there are three main wedding speeches in a wedding reception. The first is the father’s speech, something that most of us forget. Secondly will be the bridegroom’s speech, then it comes to the best man’s speech.

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Wedding Planning Tip #67 » Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Rules of engagement
Next to consider in your wedding planning will be your wedding photographer. It will be tough to choose from so many choices in town. Photography is an expensive luxury and also a must during your wedding day, so you can show off to your friends, families, colleagues and so on and so forth…

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Wedding Planning Tip #65 » Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Truly, like everyone says, wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is too important to make even the slightest mistakes. While this is true, all the more it is important to engage an experienced wedding videographer to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Here are a list of basic question to go through before you hire them.

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