Help » 8 Simple Questions To Decide Your Wedding Theme

Event styling Celebrating Adora

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Here are some questions that you might use to find your wedding theme/style. It doesn’t finalise your theme, but rather gives you a direction of where you want to head towards.

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Avoid Messy Situation – Wedding Planner Goes Bust

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Recently, there was an unfortunate news of a wedding planner who wind down her business after making away with more than AU$212,000. We do not have official statistics about how many couples have to deal with fraudulent businesses, but from our experiences, we observed that many couples are vulnerable to companies with substandard business practices.

Wedding Acts has been in this industry for more than 10 years and we have come across couples who have been involved in similar unfortunate situations before. There are more messes to untangle than if you have done it right, from the start.

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